All about chocolate!

If you are a woman, chances are you more than anything, like chocolate the benefits and harms of which has been widely discussed by fans and opponents of this divine delicacy. Let’s try to understand what chocolate can be beneficial, what is harmful to us and in General, what this “beast” like this.

Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans and cocoa butter. The raw material comes from the cacao tree. Is it Asian, American and African, but is considered to be the best

supplier côte d’ivoire.

For the manufacture takes cocoa butter, cocoa beans and sugar. The mixture can be sweet and ordinary. Dessert mix – more noble: it has less sugar and its flavor is more intense. Of particular technology prepare porous chocolate.

Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers frankly ruin the chocolate, replacing natural cocoa butter hydrogenated fats . Get rare stuff, which is called sweet tiles and which was not near with a true chocolate. What here can be the benefits of such “Goodies”.

Bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate differs from other types by the absence of milk, a high content of chocolate liquor and a small amount of sugar (about a third). The richness of aroma and flavor is determined by the content of the cocoa beans.

Benefits of bitter chocolate undeniable: it contains a lot of iron and antioxidants. Last even more than green tea or red wine. In addition, a few pieces of dark chocolate per day contribute to the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness. So eating dark chocolate daily, you will always be in good shape, your brain will work more productively, as attention and concentration will be improved. And, of course, a good mood is not long to wait!

Other types of chocolate

White chocolate gets its color due to the lack of grated cocoa . Milk chocolate. logically, in its composition has milk.

With regard to the different additions such as raisins, coconut, nuts, etc. – their presence reduces the value of chocolate, because in General the content of cocoa beans decreases. And besides nuts, for example, very high in calories and cause harm to your body shape.

The benefits of chocolate

Besides the great taste, chocolate also has many not just useful – and, downright, medicinal properties! In some cases it can even be used as a medicine. But really, you should consider that when talking about the benefits of chocolate, meant only dark chocolate . only high quality and only in small amounts – up to 25 grams per day. Everything else is already in harm.

As we have said, chocolate improves brain function. Consequently, one of its medicinal properties – preventing senile dementia . So feed your family bitter chocolate regularly!

Chocolate is useful for blood – it helps to produce blood cells. In addition, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system due to the content in the cocoa beans polyphenols, which promote blood flow and therefore reduce the load on the heart. The chocolate prevents blood clots and normalize the blood pressure.

Since childhood we have been told that sweet harms the teeth. However, dark chocolate is an exception to this – he, on the contrary, creates a protective film on the teeth and thus protects them from destruction .

Another interesting fact: if you have a cough, eat chocolate – most likely, it will cope with your affliction is much better than pills and potions!

The dangers of chocolate

About the dangers of chocolate. actually, we can say much less than its benefit. But still, let’s try.

For starters, dark chocolate can not eat babies. Although it can not speak, because his children and not love them the only sweet which give Yes “kinder surprises” with the toy.

Much more important to say that chocolate is absolutely contraindicated to patients with diabetes and obese . The reason for this is that the cocoa beans are nitrogen-bearing elements, preventing the metabolism.

As for the common belief that chocolate is bad for a figure, it is again possible to partially refute. Partly because, as we have said, it is useful bitter chocolate. And all the extra calories contained in milk and glucose. If you talk about carbs in General, they are very quickly broken down by the body . So if not to abuse the healing sweets, no problems with the figure, no health you will not have.

The myth that chocolate causes tooth decay, we have already refuted. Another common lie – from chocolate pimples appear. The latest research confirms that chocolate does not cause acne, nor decay . On the contrary – the chocolate is increasingly used for various cosmetic procedures and would rather get rid of pimples, than to blame.

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