A delicious recipe for hot chocolate with cream float

Many of you probably love refreshing drinks, such as coffee tea or espresso. but today I decided to post this recipe of hot chocolate with whipped cream . made from real bitter or milk (this is to your taste and choice) chocolate milk with whipped cream and cheery resistant foam. Well? Are you ready to work? The drink is very easy and simple-see for yourself, but what is the enjoyment. But first, see my video about the juice and how to choose them, and whether it is worth? Especially I recommend to watch the video mums-because kids are especially harmful to drinkpurchase All in

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Video about the juice for children and adults. The pros and cons-tips and how to be..

What is needed for cooking hot chocolate with whipped cream

The basis for 2 servings:

fresh milk of any fat content-550 ml

bitter chocolate or milk-100 gr (tile)

the potato starch is about 1 to 1.5 tbsp (can of corn)

Decorate the drink:

whipped cream-2 tablespoons per Cup

grated chocolate-2 squares per Cup

Prepare hot chocolate with cream and foam just quickly

cooking time-15 minutes

calories-110 kcal

the portions for two

Let’s start with the vigor and delicacy together? So let’s… so, first heat the milk (0.5 Cup) so that it is warm but not hot. Potato starch dissolve in prepared milk, can also use corn, but the effect will not be as susceptible. But try. What if you both like the taste of hot drink..don’t be afraid to dream-it does wonders! If you are interested in baking (and not only) in a slow cooker-a pressure cooker Polaris, check out my snacks.

The milk that is left, pour into a bowl and heat, lay broken on the squares of a chocolate bar. And keep us in suspense until then, until the chocolate is completely dissolved in the milk liquid. Here and now came a very important moment-the introduction of dissolved starch (you did this in the beginning). To begin, mix the starch, as he settles. And pour a thin stream into the hot milk with melted chocolate, stirring it with a spoon to avoid lumps. And wait for your eyes the mass begins to thicken. The table will be very useful:

When the milk-chocolate mixture has thickened, immediately remove the bowl from heat and pour into cups or bowls. In each Cup put the whipped cream. How much? At your discretion! And on a fine grater on top and grate a couple of pieces of chocolate. All! Ready! See how simple and quickly prepared delicious invigorating and delicious recipe of hot chocolate with cream with cream with grated chocolate. Easy? Well I promised! And the word I got.

Find out now much about the great harm of microwave ovens. I forgot and have no regrets.

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