6 errors in the preparation of smoothies

Smoothies is a relatively new dish in the kitchen of the world. The first smoothie bars appeared 10 years ago, and the people stood in the queue to be useful to drink the delicious liquid from the vegetables and fruits. Now smoothies are sold in all stores, but the bottles are not cheap. Delicious and healthy smoothies can be easily prepared at home. Unless, of course, to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Error 1: blender

Unfortunately, no. Immersion blender you can make smoothies only in season, when the market and giving a lot of ripe fruit, berries and vegetables. Power immersion blender enough to turn the fruit into puree. However, late autumn and winter smoothies often cook from frozen berries, and can easily be crushed in a stationary blender. Moreover, in a stationary blender smoothie is prepared in 3 times faster, once you can make 2-4 servings.

Error 2: suit any vegetables and fruits

The taste of the smoothie depends on the quality of the ingredients. If you bought the old withered apples or wooden pears, some of them do not get a good drink. It is important that fruits and vegetables were fresh and retains the flavor, so before you make smoothies, nakushite a bit. If the product is tasteless or spoiled – don’t waste time. I’m in season I buy as many ripe fruits and berries, wash, put in containers or bags and put in the freezer.

Error 3: add tasteless ingredients

No need to put everyone’s taste, but recommended by nutritionists or girlfriends products. Don’t like broccoli, don’t put — its taste will not score even a banana. It is better to select an unexpected tasty ingredients, such as avocado or beets.

Error 4: add in the blender the entire contents of the fridge

If you add 15 different products, you will get a muddy brown. You smoothie will be too complex in taste and cloudy. Better to set the main ingredients was simple, but diversity can be achieved by using different textures and additives. Don’t focus on vegetables and fruits. Take an Apple, add to it anything of your choice: juice, ginger, lemon, parsley, spices, cheese, yogurt, cooked oatmeal .

Error 5: add ice

Chefs do not recommend. The texture of the smoothie will become watery, messy and, Yes, ice, not soft and gentle. If you want cool, freeze the fruit itself.

Mistake 6: thinking that smoothies no calories

Smoothies are usually not included in detox diets. Of course, they are useful, because you drink the liquid and vegetables. But do not think that vegetables have no calories. Sugar-beet or banana in them. But if you add in smoothies ice-cream, you get rich milkshake. “You can drink a lot more calories than you eat”, warns Claire Saffitz, editor of Bon Appetit magazine. In innocent-looking smoothies can be hidden several tons of calories, sugar and fat. Better to add to smoothies, juices, fruit drinks or almond milk. Think about how many pieces of fruit you got after drinking the juice (you will not eat four bananas at once, isn’t it?), and reduce this portion.

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