565 Green tea with rosemary, mint and lavender 100 g

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In this casket tea “Festive” just lovely. →


nonamex, I am sorry.

It is a pity that You have not tried normal Puer. After all, the one in Auchan – even PU-erh can be called with a huge caveat.

do not torture yourself, give yourself a good tea, raise the bar higher.

you cannot look at daub Mitkov and compare the brightness of colors to paintings by Aivazovsky. And you will do exactly that.


Coil in Auchan in Kazan is a little more expensive. For their cheap price makes all shop teas, including those sold in stalls Russian tea company, once or twice. Puer from this company is also quite decent. →


Gorgeous Ceylon black tea Zylanica Ceylon Exellent Tea Orange Pekoe-1. Elite products – packing and delivery directly from Sri Lanka. A subtle but distinct taste. Check it out – will please any connoisseur of the right of black Ceylon tea. Great gift. →


Bought in Auchan Bon Aroma Bio – a little more expensive than you have in the store. Really good coffee, you need to take 2-3 cans at once. →


Pleased with the choice of gift tea sets in the store about five tuft. You can select the perfect tea gift for every taste – for the New year, teacher’s Day, birthday, and other holidays – in any price category. For the New year tea as a gift I plan to buy in the online store. Recommend. →


Often buy coffee LAVAZZA Qualita Oro. Coffee LAVAZZA is a dream, it’s the standard, it is probably the best coffee in the world! Very bright taste and aroma.

Personally, I love its sweet taste with light acidity and a wonderful, rich aroma.

With any method of cooking – in coffee machine in Turku on fire, in the Italian coffee or just brewing in a Cup – the result is always the same: amazing, amazing, fragrant drink.

Strongly recommend it!


Destinys emerald snail – quality and delicious green tea. Glad it’s fairly low cost. A real taste of freshness! Much of the on site description of this tea States the actual taste sensations. On a five-point scale – guaranteed five! →


Five of the tuft – a very convenient tea online store, coffee not yet bought. You can always order any tea with delivery. The range is good. Gift tea sets also for every taste. Prices are quite adequate. I recommend!

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